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Family Chiropractic Care

Ease the Stress in Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is the control center that regulates every system and function in your body. Unfortunately, all the stressors of life-including physical traumas, emotional stress and environmental toxins-affect how your nervous system functions. And when your nervous system doesn’t function correctly, other parts of your body don’t function correctly, either.

Subluxations are misalignments or a lack of proper motion in your spine, secondary to the effects of those stressors of life. These subluxations interfere with your nervous system and prevent the proper communication between your brain and your body. Gentle chiropractic adjustments eliminate these interferences, restoring proper communication and allowing your innate healing ability to take over. Easing this stress in your nervous system improves your body’s adaptability and helps de-stress your life.
What to Expect

Tailoring Care to Your Needs

At Mojica Chiropractic Care, we tailor our care plans to each practice member’s individual needs and preferences-so your child won’t get the same adjustment you get. All of our techniques are 100% safe and gentle, and we use an extremely light touch for infants and little kids. Our techniques include:

  • Diversified: manual adjustment
  • Drop table: gravity-assisted manual adjustment
  • Activator Methods®: instrument-assisted adjustment that kids often prefer
  • Webster Technique: specific care for pregnant women
Cycles of ill health carry on throughout families and generations, and educating and empowering our practice members allows them to break those cycles and take control of their own health and that of their children. When families are healthier and happier, communities are healthier and happier.

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