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Pediatric Chiropractic in Winter Springs & Oviedo

The Importance of Milestones

There are specific milestones that babies need to achieve during their development, and when milestones are missed, certain neurological pathways aren’t formed. When these pathways aren’t formed, issues can be compounded and result in developmental delays and behavioral issues. Oftentimes, stress from the birth process can affect the nervous system in a way that limits or prevents a baby from reaching those milestones.
What to Expect

How Chiropractic Care Helps

Pediatric chiropractic care at Mojica Chiropractic Care is extremely gentle and very precise, and it can help to eliminate the interference in the nervous system, allowing it to communicate the way it should.

Dr. Liz is certified in chiropractic pediatrics, and has advanced training on recognizing developmental delays, identifying which parts of the brain are missing connections, and rehabilitating the nervous system.

The first step is to remove the interference with chiropractic adjustments. Then, there are specific activities the child can do to improve the brain-to-body communication through the nervous system. These activities help develop the neural pathways that weren’t formed, so the brain can catch up to where it needs to be in terms of development.

Care at Home

For kids, having chiropractic care at home eliminates much of the stress associated with going to doctors’ office. Dr. Liz loves treating kids, and she meets them where they are, building a rapport and allowing them to get comfortable with her on their terms. Being in their own environment helps kids feel calmer, which makes the adjustment more effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Child is nervous; how can I help prepare them?

It is always important for the parent to start talking to the child about the upcoming visit a few days before. Let your child know that they will come to visit Dr. Liz and that she is going to help them feel stronger. You can prepare them by telling them that they will come to the office to learn what superpower they have. (Parents can use anything that motivates them).

Some sensory children may benefit from having the parent, other than talking to them about their visit, they can touch the child’s back, up and down demonstrating what they may feel when coming into the office.

We, in the office, walk the child through the whole process of being adjusted and we never adjust a child that is nervous without the child’s consent or approval. We make it as interactive as possible to make the child comfortable and to make them feel safe through the whole process.

Is adjusting uncomfortable or painful?

The adjustment is very gentle, and is not painful or uncomfortable.

With babies or newborns, the doctor uses her hands and with a sustained hold she applies a pressure similar to the pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. With younger children she may use similar pressure and or use a tool called the Activator which is similar to the pressure and speed from when you flick the finger.

What are some reasons to bring them in for adjustments?

Childbirth traumas such as being born via C-section, or the assistance of forceps, vacuum extraction or simply the pushing and pulling process can affect the baby’s spine and create spinal misalignment. This can create developmental delays because the nervous system development is affected by spinal misalignment. This can lead to other signs and symptoms such as:

  • Ear infections
  • Latching issues
  • Colic
  • Sleeping problems
  • Spectrum Disorders

Are there accommodations for my child with special needs?

The most important aspect of your child’s visit is that we accommodate a specific time for their visit. Having a dedicated time and minimizing the waiting time in a waiting room or overlapping of patient in the office at the same time, helps children with special need to feel more comfortable and at ease. We also have other things such as white noise devices to make the environment more suitable and natural light rather than white bright lights.

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