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New Practice Members at Mojica Chiropractic Care

What to Expect

Spine model and adjusting toolsGetting started with care at Mojica Chiropractic Care is easy and convenient. New practice member paperwork is available for you to complete and submit electronically. After you schedule your initial consultation with our office, our Wellness Coordinator will email you the required paperwork to be filled electronically prior to the visit with the doctor.

We have both house visits and in-office visits. We mostly offer house visits for those who are either in extreme pain that can barely walk, and for mothers that are pregnant and have specific limitations that may prevent them from coming to our office and families.

First Office Visit

Your first office visit will be a consultation with Dr. Liz. She’ll review your paperwork with you and discuss your health history as well as your concerns and goals. Based on your history, she may determine that X-rays are necessary-if this is the case, she will refer you out to get those before your next appointment. This consultation will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Second Visit

At this office visit, Dr. Liz will do a thorough exam, including using Insight Scanning Technology to locate interferences in the nervous system. She’ll review your evaluation, health history and any X-rays and explain exactly what’s going on and how she can help. She’ll also go over the care plan, including frequency and duration of care, and the financials. If you elect to accept care, you’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment that day. This visit usually lasts one hour.

Since Dr. Liz is committed to educating practice members about chiropractic care and how it benefits every system of the body, she will explain everything that she does-empowering you with the tools and education to make lasting changes to your family’s health.

Pure Chiropractic

Dr. Liz specializes in chiropractic care for every member of the family, and she doesn’t utilize any non-chiropractic modalities. In instances where practice members require physical therapy or massage therapy, we can refer out for those.

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We’d love to welcome you into our care! We accept all major credit cards. HSA and FSA approved.

Contact us today to set up your house visit for a detailed consultation. Please be advised that the is $25 travel fee for all visits.

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