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Insight Technology in
Winter Springs & Oviedo

The use of this technology provides a thorough analysis of the body’s Nervous System function. As chiropractors, it is important to, not only know the vertebra-spinal function, but to have the crucial understanding of the spinal NERVE function that exits the spine and how it may impact your life. Having this understanding will allow you, as the patient, to have the knowledge on how your body is operating under stress. And this knowledge goes beyond a symptom-base care.

The INSiGHT™ scan technology is noninvasive, safe and painless, producing no radiation.

What to Expect

neuroPulse scanStressors of daily life affect the function of our Central Nervous System (CNS). Within the CNS we have the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which oversees the function of every system inside of your body. You do not have to think how to breathe, or how to beat your heart because this is the main role of your ANS. A stressful lifestyle affects the balance and regulation of your ANS.

The neuroPulse technology, scans your heart rate, measures your skin temperature and anxiety levels to calculate your Hear Rate Variability (HRV). A chiropractor uses the results to better understand your ANS adaptability to stressors of life. Chiropractic care may help regulate your ANS more efficiently by providing specific adjustments through your spine.

  • Determines the balance and activity of your Autonomic Nervous System
    • Sympathetic (fight or flight)
    • Parasympathetic (rest & digest)
  • Analyses your adaptability to stressors of life (3T’s)

neuroCORE scanThe Central Nervous System (CNS) is constantly communicating with your spinal muscles to assess your posture. The CNS is trying to make sure you can stand upright when standing or walking. A disruption in this communication can send the wrong signals to the brain. Consequently, the muscles around your spine may get overstressed or underactive creating hypertonic (tight) or hypotonic (loose) muscles. Having an unbalanced energy flow (nerve communication) through your spine may allow for subluxation (joints not moving properly) to occur.

The neuroCore technology measures the energy flowing through the muscles around your spine. A chiropractor uses the results to better understand your postural muscles activity. Chiropractic care may help balancing your energy flow efficiently by providing specific adjustments through your spine.

  • Analyses postural muscles ENERGY through your spine.
    • Overstressed muscles (tonic muscles)
    • Underactive muscles (weak muscles)
  • Determines neuromuscular interference (subluxations) affecting the efficiency of your postural muscles.

neuroTHERMAL scanThe Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) controls every organ, gland, and blood vessel in your body. Changes in the integrity and function of the vertebral joint (subluxations) can alter that ANS function and control. Increase temperature around your spine, can indicate the overstressed areas that decrease that nerve communication between your brain and your body organ or system. Therefore, the autonomic control is compromised, and your internal organ activity may be decreased. If we allow these areas of decrease communication to continue, your body will not be able to heal properly when necessary.

The neuroThermal scan, using infrared technology, can detect temperature difference in every spinal level. A chiropractor interprets the results to identify areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation and organ control. Chiropractic care may help regulate organs, glands, and blood vessel control more efficiently by providing specific adjustments through your spine.

  • Detects increase temperature around the spine providing insight on deeper health issues.
    • Control of organs, glands, and blood vessels
  • Creates a thermographic image depicting the areas of poor autonomic activity.

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