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Fertility Care in Winter Springs & Oviedo

Chiropractic and Fertility Care

Woman looking out windowYour nervous system is the control center that regulates every system and function in your body. Due to all the stressors of life-including physical traumas, emotional stress and environmental toxins; your nervous system takes the load of that stress and can malfunction when not treated properly. When your nervous system doesn’t function correctly, other parts of your body don’t function correctly, either. In this case, you could see your fertility impacted.

Subluxations are misalignments or a lack of proper motion in your spine, secondary to the effects of those stressors of life. These subluxations interfere with your nervous system and prevent the proper communication between your brain and your body. By using Chiropractic Care, and the insight scanning system that we utilize in the practice, we can see where things are misaligned and be more specific in what we need to do to ease the stress off of your nervous system.
What to Expect

When should I start fertility care?

Prior to any possible artificial intervention. Sometimes, when a woman cannot get pregnant, and there is no health illness, the women’s reproductive organs may have some sort of miscommunication with the nervous system which causes malfunction. A diminished function body part or organ will have a hard time during the process of egg implantation or developing a fetus.

What are the benefits of using natural fertility care?

It creates a less stressful environment for the future parents and for the child as well. When pregnancy occurs on the body’s own terms, rather than forcing it to conceive, the pregnancy experience is going to be more enjoyable for the whole family, especially the baby. Artificial intervention can create a toxic trauma for the mother’s body that can lead to other illnesses and or stressful births.

Will I need to have any tests done before coming to see you?

No test is needed prior to your visit. If you have already had testing done, or are far in your journey to conception please feel free to bring those test results with you for us to review together.

Is it just for women, or should men come for care as well?

Men should receive care as well. Similar to the women’s reproductive organs function, male reproductive organs may have significant function problems if their spine is misaligned and their nervous system cannot communicate properly.

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If you are thinking about conceiving children, or are in the process of trying to conceive, natural fertility care is an excellent tool for you to utilize on your journey. Contact Mojica Chiropractic Care today for more information on getting care started.
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